4 Week Sessions

Over the years the long term sessions have been the summer soil for cultivating a multitude of lifelong skills, friendships and memories.

Since 1924, thousands of young men have called Stewart home for 4+ weeks each summer, and it’s a cherished tradition that we continue today.

Between four weeks of swimming, hiking, canoeing, camping, riflery, archery, horseback riding, dances, campfires and more, long term campers are given the most opportunities to bond with new friends their age, learn from a multitude of young leaders, share experiences together both as a cabin and as a camp, and make rich and meaningful memories and connections.

One of our favorite aspects is that along the way they develop a variety of great technical skills, and even more importantly develop and hone integral and fundamental life skills that will help them be readily equipped to face almost any challenge that may come their way.

The progression of confidence and competence often seen in a camper during a four week session continue to make the long term a favorite investment for generations of families.

Sessions Available

Sunday, June 4 — Saturday, July 1
Fee: $4,975


Saturday, July 8 — Friday, August 4
Fee: $4,975

2 Week Sessions

Two weeks at camp allows young men the freedom to own their camping tradition and discover for themselves what makes Stewart so special.

It seems with each passing year a young man’s summer shrinks further and further, providing very little time to explore the outdoors. Two week sessions provide flexibility for a busy summer.

It can be daunting to ever consider letting our children go to camp for two weeks, let alone four weeks! Two week sessions provides first time families a chance for both the camper and the parents to grow through a sleep-away experience.

Whatever the reason may be, two week terms allow families to craft the experience that best fits what their family needs at a given time, while still providing their son with the opportunity to benefit from several of the long term gains of a summer rooted with camp.

Sessions Available

    Sunday, June 4 — Saturday, June 17
    Fee: $2,825


    Sunday, June 18 — Saturday, July 1
    Fee: $2,825


    Saturday, July 8 — Friday, July 21
    Fee: $2,825


    Saturday, July 22 — Friday, August 4
    Fee: $2,825

1 Week Sessions

A week at camp can change a child’s life forever.

Summer camp is such a great place for discovering how incredibly resilient, creative, caring, talented, and strong people can be. It can be a challenging adventure for each young boy and family involved.

We believe that people, especially young boys, are exceptionally stronger than we give them credit for, and that the process of a camp experience quite possibly is more challenging for us as parents than it is for them.

At Camp Stewart, we want to provide the opportunity for families and young boys to experience Stewart at a young age in order to help them build a legacy of Stewart summers and lifelong skills, and we believe that for some, a one week term allows both the camper and the family a taste of the amazing benefits available through the summer camp experience.

Each one week session will act as an introductory course to the Stewart experience, familiarizing the camper with the Stewart program, providing initial instances of discovery at a variety of activities, equipping the camper with the opportunity to make new friends his age, all in a fun-filled week with evening programs and special events corresponding to those of the longer term campers during that particular session.

Note: Currently we only provide the one week session for our Jr. Side campers (those ages 6-11) as we believe in the added benefits of longer term camping and look for a one week session to be a stepping stone for a number of young boys to eventually come and experience the fullness of our Stewart program that the longer term campers (2 week sessions and 4 week sessions) take in over multiple summers. 

Sessions Available

    Sunday, June 4 — Saturday, June 10
    Fee: $1,735


    Sunday, June 11 — Saturday, June 17
    Fee: $1,735


    Sunday, June 18 — Saturday, June 24
    Fee: $1,735


    Saturday, July 8 — Friday, July 14
    Fee: $1,735


    Saturday, July 15 — Friday, July 21
    Fee: $1,735


    Saturday, July 22— Friday, July 28
    Fee: $1,735

*Early Pay Discounts Available. Contact Us for More Details

Other Camp Event Dates:

2017 Open House
Saturday, March 18th (10 am – 4 pm)
Sunday, October 22nd (2 pm – 6 pm)
Open House is a great time to bring/send friends who should know about Stewart. They can enjoy selected activities, talk with the Directors and see what makes Stewart great!

Can’t make it that weekend? Call for a special private, personalized tour with a director anytime you’re in the Hill Country throughout the year. (830) 238-4670

2017 Family Weekend
March 31st-April 2nd
Family Weekend will run Friday night through Sunday lunch, and includes many of the activities you love at camp, as well as the opportunity to enjoy optional Specialty Clinic offerings in Horseback, Soccer and Culinary Arts.

The clinics are open to boys, girls, parents and more, and are not limited to Stewart or Heart camper families.

2017 SSS & Father/Son Weekend
May 4th-7th
Labor Day September 1st-4th

Triple S (SSS) & Father/Son Weekend is a weekend designed for men and boys of all ages. Whether a former camper wanting to relive the memories as a SSS member, or simply a father/grandfather/uncle wanting to experience camp with his son/grandson/nephew, this weekend offers relaxation, great food, skilled activity instruction, and an abundance of fun to enjoy together.

2017 Mother/Son Weekend
April 28th-30th
September 8th-10th

Styled after the popular SSS & Father/Son Weekend, Mother/Son Weekend is an opportunity for mom (or perhaps grandma or aunt) to see why these boys love this place so much and getaway for some relaxation, great food, skilled activity instruction, and an abundance of fun to enjoy together in the Texas Hill Country.