Following receipt and acceptance of application and deposit, the camp will send enrollment confirmation by email. Applications are accepted on a “first come” basis until all spaces are filled. Terms fill early; some before others. No application can be confirmed without receipt of the full deposit. The initial deposit of $500 is due upon application. 80% of this amount is refundable upon Written Cancellation prior to March 1 of the year attending.
The balance of the camp fee is due on or before April 25 for ALL sessions. You can check your balance on your Camp In Touch account by clicking the Camp In Touch Log In button from this website. Discounts are available for early-payment and for cash/checks. Tuition is priced to cover laundry, linen rental (if desired), yearbook, DVD “yearbook”, special art supplies, and all other activity expenses. Camper families are requested to keep a credit card on file (with prescribed spending limit) for stamps and other personal purchases or in case of a doctor visit. Soft drinks and snacks are not sold at camp (a treat is given to campers each day at the end of rest period as a part of the regular camp fee). Transportation (if being picked up from airport or riding the bus) and uniforms are additional expenses. A discount is given for two or more brothers attending Stewart the same year. No refund of the camp tuition is made except when recommended by the Camp Physician. In such a case, the camp will refund a pro rated amount.
Enrollment is limited to 275 boys per term. Stewart has a very high returning percentage of its campers. Application should generally be made in fall. The waiting list is compiled by date the completed application and deposit are received. Last minute cancellations do occur. A very honest appraisal of the situation will be given should your child be placed on the waiting list. Any special needs and desires for the camper should be put on the Camper Profile section on Camp In Touch prior to camp. The Camp Office reviews each camper with their respective counselors prior to campers’ arrival at camp and discusses the goals and desires of both the camper and parents. The Camp Directors must be advised on any key elements pertaining to the emotional or physical health of your camper. These can either be shared with the cabin counselor or kept confidential, but the Camp Directors need complete background knowledge of campers to help insure a rewarding camp experience for each and every camper.
When all spaces are filled, a wait list is started with names being added as written applications with deposits are received. No one is placed on the wait list without the deposit. No names are placed on the wait list by telephone. Unaccepted applications will have the entire deposit refunded.
Written cancellations made before March 1 of the year registered for will receive 80% of deposit refund. Deposits are not refundable after March 1, but may be carried forward one year (non-refundable). Once fees are paid, cancellations due to medical reasons must be accompanied by a letter from the attending physician; tuition will be refunded minus the non-refundable deposit. Any withdrawal after the start of the camp term, at the request of the parents or camp for behavior or personal reasons, will forfeit the full camp fee. In case of accident or illness, if the camper returns home upon the recommendation of the camp doctor, the unused portion of the fee will be refunded.
Campers at Stewart are placed in cabins according to their exact date of birth. Consideration is also given to size, development and grade in school. If you have a special request or suggestion, it is welcome BUT the camp cannot guarantee or promise any such special request: the camp must be able to focus on the overall success of all campers. Special cabin requests should be downplayed to your camper to avoid initial disappointment should it not be able to be granted. Stewart prides itself on having campers from several countries, many states and most areas of Texas. Camp Stewart reserves the right to limit the number of campers from any locality in order to maintain its diversified enrollment.
Campers having birthdays at camp are presented a birthday cake (decorated for them) during lunch while the camp sings a special “Happy Birthday” to them. The cake is large enough to share with their entire cabin, along with homemade ice cream. Parents wanting to host additional birthday celebrations (added cost) should call the camp office ahead of time to make arrangements.
Those campers who play a band instrument are requested to bring their instruments and be a part of the Stewart Sitting Band/Orchestra. Campers who play in the band receive special benefits.
A physical examination is required for all campers. This should be done by the family doctor shortly before camp. The Parent Authorization must be signed and faxed back to the number on the bottom of the form. Texas law requires a current health form be on file for each camper. You can do this by filling out the Health History form on the Forms and Documents section. These forms are all available on the Forms Section when you click the Camp In Touch Log In button from our website. Please fill out all required forms. All forms are online so please let us know if you need to have paper forms mailed to you.
A very modest camper health and accident policy is carried on each camper by the camp. This is a $300 deductible policy (to obtain higher than normal camp limits). The deductible portion will be charged to the camper’s canteen account. Should an illness or accident exceed the policy’s modest limits, it is understood parents are to assume the additional cost. It is suggested parents file with their own carrier, avoiding the camp deductible.
Campers are to arrive on Opening Day of camp between 10 am and 1 pm (11 am-12 pm for June B and July B campers). No camper may arrive prior to Opening Day without special permission from the director. There is a charge for early arrival. The camp offers several chartered buses (information about buses is on the Travel and Hunter Safety Document under the Forms tab when you log in to Camp In Touch) which are accompanied by official camp personnel. Campers needing to fly are met at the San Antonio International Airport (SAT) by official camp personnel. Airport pick up and drop off charges are posted to the camper’s account. Flights should arrive in San Antonio between 10 am and 12 noon of Opening Day in order to be at Stewart by 3 pm, when cabin orientations begin. The Stewart camp experience begins on Opening Day so come dressed and ready for action! If you camper will be flying, please call or email for further information.
Each camper in the June, July and Split Terms is asked to have a two-weeks’ supply of Camp Stewart shirts and shorts (10-14 sets). Camp Stewart shirts and shorts are worn all the time, with the exception of activities such as horseback which require long pants or special theme days (Camo Day, etc). Laundry is sent out weekly (three times) during the June, July and Split Terms (usually once for Split Term Campers). If the camper sends out more than one bag of laundry each week, his Canteen account will be charged for the extra laundry.Visit www.campstewartcanteen.com for camp clothing. Clothing should be ordered prior to camp and it will be shipped to you (except non-US campers). We recommend that campers living outside of the United States have their clothing held in the Canteen for pickup on Opening Day. Orders needing to be held can be placed through Meredith by calling or emailing meredith@campstewart.com. All clothing and other articles, including tennis rackets, gloves, bows, cameras, etc., should arrive well marked with camper’s name. This is very important. The camp cannot assume responsibility for lost items. Along this same line, expensive or sentimental items have no place at camp. Do not send sentimental or valuable sports equipment or film cameras as they are always the ones lost or left in the rain. DO NOT SEND cash, jewelry, large knives, DVD/CD discs or players, ipods or any other type of MP3 player, cell phones, hand held electronic games, ammunition, firearms or fireworks. If you have a question concerning this, please call the office.
If you need to ship your camper’s trunk to camp, it should be shipped at least one week in advance. It should be addressed with camper’s name c/o Camp Stewart for Boys, 612 FM 1340, Hunt, Texas 78024-3024.The best shipping methods are UPS and FedEx as they deliver directly to the camp. If you ship by bus, include the phone number (830-238-4670) for them to call us. Kerrville is the bus station destination. Campers coming by chartered bus may bring their trunks and duffel bags with them. Campers flying should check with the airlines in advance: most will accept camp trunks.
Stewart believes strongly in the benefits of camping, especially those derived from the longer terms, and strongly recommends the selection of one of the longer terms for your camper to get the maximum growth and advancement in learned skills, friendship, independence and self-reliance. Parents concerned about the length for ‘first time’ campers should not be. Campers adjust once and then it’s all fun and gains (games). In “Choosing the Right Camp”, author Dick Kennedy advocates the four week camp: “A camper should be away from home for enough time to progress through the natural development states: from homesickness to uncertainty to confidence and pride. Any time period shorter than two weeks allows him (her) simply to count the days until the experience is over.”
Camp Stewart has a special men’s organization called Triple S or Father/Son. This group has father/son meetings during the Spring and Fall at Stewart coordinating with mother/daughter weekends at Heart. There is also a Mother/Son Weekend in September. A portion of each SSS membership fee goes to help provide partial camper scholarships at Stewart and Heart. Mother and Son Camping weekend is held in the fall of each year. Moms and Grandmothers participate in many of the activities campers enjoy during the summer.
Camp is a time to get away from the pressures of daily life. CD/DVD players, Ipod, cell phones, computers and electronic games are not allowed at Stewart. Campers may bring portable AM/FM radios with earphones for rest period. Campers bringing unacceptable items will be shipped home and the shipping cost posted to the Canteen account.
Visits to campers by parents and immediate family are limited to Opening and Final Days. All parents are urged to attend Awards Ceremony and final campfire which begins around 7:15 p.m. for all terms. Friends or relatives with prospective campers who are interested in seeing Stewart ‘in action’ are requested to call 830/238-4670 for an appointment to tour. Such visits are welcome as an opportunity to show Stewart in action! Guided tours will be given. Stewart is very conscious of the security of the campers and camp property and all visitors during camp are to be properly registered at the office, identified as visitors and escorted while on camp.
Feel free to call the camp office or any of the Ragsdales (830-238-4670) for a report, or to give any information, on your camper. CALLS TO CAMPERS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED AS THEY WILL DISRUPT YOUR CAMPER’S ADJUSTMENT AND CAMP ROUTINE. If you deem a call necessary, calls to campers should be requested with the understanding that they will be scheduled for a mutually convenient time. To set up a call appointment, call the camp office and they will schedule a time for your camper to come to the office to receive your call. Normally, calls are returned just after dinner (2:15-3:00 pm). During camp, there are no incoming calls after 6:30 pm, when the phones are switched to an answering service which will contact the Director on Duty in case of any emergency. Emails, however are welcome and encouraged! Please look under the Camp Stamps Section when you log in to Camp In Touch from our website. It will give you instructions on how to buy Camp Stamps which is how you will email your camper. They can even write you back! You just attach another page to your email and they will receive a sheet that they will write back to you on. We fax it to your special number and you will receive a PDF “letter” back in your email. It is great!
Getting packages at camp is fun. Packages should contain games, comics, etc., and NOT food, powdered drink mixes or gum. ‘Christmas at the South Pole’ will be celebrated June 25 and July 25 and most parents send Christmas cards or stocking stuffer gifts. If your package is for Camp Christmas, please mark the box “Hold for Christmas” otherwise it will be delivered on the day it is received. Please also mark your camper’s name and cabin name on all packages and letters. Also, please do not bring package for us to hold and deliver for you. We do not have the storage facilities for all those gifts!
Stewart prides itself on its communication with the family back home. Stewart wants parents to share in the camping experience. A report is sent twice a month for full terms and once a split term. These are supplemented by newsletters and frequently include a copy of the menus. Reports are designed to provide an appraisal of your camper’s adjustment to camp life. Out-of-country parents may arrange for reports to be faxed or e-mailed to them at a nominal extra charge. Daily Blogs will be written under the News Section on Camp In Touch. Click the Camp In Touch Log In button from our website. There will also be daily pictures there as well. Pictures remain up for quite a long time after camp is over. You may purchase the daily photos if you like as well in the Photos section.
Closing Ceremonies will be held on the afternoon of the final day of Full and B Terms (one day only).* Gates will open at 5:30 pm. The Ceremonies will start about 7:30 pm and conclude at ”dark-thirty’. From 5:30 pm until 7:30 pm, there’s time to pack and load the car, view photographs, register for next year or up-coming Father/Son or Mother/Son events, visit or meet your camper’s new friends and counselors. We will also serve a light dinner, so plan to eat with your camper at their normal dinner time which is 6:30. Wear comfortable walking shoes so you can enjoy a walk around camp. Stewart ice cream and cookies will be served near the campfire area after dinner. Camper parents are urged to join their children at the close of the term and stay through Closing Ceremonies. We recommend spending the night in the area because it is about 9 pm by the time “Taps” sounds for the nostalgic last time of the term and final goodbyes are said.

*PLEASE NOTE: Parents of June A Term and July A Term campers should come to pick up their campers 11 am-12 pm on Closing Day. There are no evening ceremonies for the A Terms.

Camp Stewart has certain arbitrary rules concerning personal appearance of both campers and staff, including short, off-the-collar haircuts. Earrings are not permitted (i.e., on any part of the body). Complete cooperation is expected. All campers/staff members wear special Stewart clothing.
Member: Camp Association for Mutual Progress, Association of Independent Camps, American Camping Association, Camp Rifle Association, Texas State Chamber of Commerce, United States Chamber of Commerce, Kerr Area Chamber of Commerce, West Kerr County Chamber, American Horse Show Association, United States Modern Pentathlon Association, Texas Hunter-Jumper Association; headquarters, National Camping Advisory Council.