Fun and Exciting Traditional Summer Camping in Hunt, Texas

Since 1924 Camp Stewart has been at the forefront and heart of a movement across Texas to provide a resource and institution for traditional summer camping in Hunt, Texas.  Stewart prides itself on providing character building and life skills to thousands of young men ages 6-16 through intentional play and interpersonal/intrapersonal development in a sleep-away summer camp environment. By pairing quality, instructor-led lessons with fun and engaging daily events and activities, we strive to build positive, growth-based experiences for boys to practice leadership qualities and abilities to help them be motivated and successful in school and at home now as well as throughout their future.

Camp Stewart’s unique setting (over 500 acres along both banks of one mile of Guadalupe River waterfront deep in the rustic Texas Hill Country) coupled with our rich history, innovative programming, and strong camper legacy provide a one-of-a-kind experience for boys to realize their individual potential as well as develop long-lasting friendships in a community with other young men from around Texas, the United States, and the world.

Our Mission

Here at Camp Stewart, our mission is to provide a positive and supportive environment where campers can grow into well-rounded leaders of the future while they are still young men in their homes, schools, and communities. It is best illustrated in Camp Stewart’s long-standing camp motto: “Don’t wait until you are a man to be great, be a great boy”.

Our Approach to Events & Programming