About the Events

Each term, we are constantly looking to provide opportunities for our campers that will encourage them to try new things, fight their stage fright, work as a team, be silly and goofy, utilize and discover their skills, sing loud together, explore nature, dance, jump and smile, challenge themselves, make new friends, grow and learn, and to have a great time building their Camp Stewart experience!

Summer Program Calendar Examples

  • General Camp Fun

    We enjoy these events a variety of times throughout the month.

  • Cabin Afternoon/Night

    Get to know your cabinmates and bond over fun filled activities chosen by your cabin.

  • Division Evening

    Join your Division with other cabins in your age group and prepare for an exciting evening activity together.

  • Jr. Side/Sr. Side Night

    Come together with everybody on your side of camp and be ready for a great evening program after dinner.

  • Theme Day Examples

    Whether it's just a silly breakfast or a chance to show off your team pride, theme days are a blast.

Ready to enjoy some pancakes with a gigantic squid on your hair? Crazy Hat Day starts with breakfast and is a chance for you to wear as wacky of headgear as possible all day.
  • Dances, Meets and a Talent Show

    Throughout the term, campers have the opportunity to interact with girls from three separate camps in the area at different events. Be ready for the opportunity to talk with new friends, see your sister, compete against each other, and maybe even learn how to two-step a little in the process.

  • Heart O' the Hills

    It's always great to get together with our sister camp. We love dancing with The Heart, enjoying a nice brother/sister picnic for lunch once a term, and having them come over to compete in our annual Meet Day.

    For More on The Heart: Click Here

  • Camp Mystic

    Our connection with Mystic goes all the way back to when it was Camp Stewart for Girls, and we look forward each year to participating in the Talent Show, seeing our sisters, and dancing until the sun goes down.

    For More on Mystic: Click Here

  • Camp Waldemar

    Just right down the road, Waldemar has been entwined into our history through years of competitive meets, cordial dances, and family connections. We always love saying 'Hi' to our closest sisters upriver.

    For More on Waldemar: Click Here