Camp Stewart spreads over 500 acres of rugged Texas Hill Country, and includes both sides of over a mile of the Guadalupe River.

Camp Stewart's facilities are unusually outstanding for camps. Located near the headwaters of the Guadalupe River, which is a spring-fed, crystal-clear river, the camp is situated on both sides of the river in a valley between hills and limestone bluffs. Natural cedar, giant cypress and various oaks are abundant, as is native wildlife.

There are 7 tennis courts (3 of which are lighted for night play), 3 soccer fields, a 440-yard track, a football field, 6 baseball diamonds, 3 golf greens, etc. The playing fields have an underground sprinkler system to stay cooler as well as green during the summer. The large screened gym has a hardwood floors.

The 23 cabins are of native rock and cedar and built in "Texas style". Today campers live in native rock-and-cedar cabins, with indoor plumbing rather than in tents or caves. They sleep in built-in bunk beds rather than on the ground.

The crafts lodge is open-air with a steady river breeze. The riflery and archery ranges are well situated for safety and the stables are designed for easy use (including a small covered area for inclement weather use) with over 100 horses. Stewart was designed for providing the best in camping and the ownership, along with the year-round staff, constantly strives to provide the best program and facilities for the campers.

The dining hall is comfortable and has tables and benches designed by noted designer Roger Rasbach. Gourmet country cuisine served family style in a comfortable dining hall has replaced venison jerky and hardtack and the campfire for the most part, yet those never-to-be-forgotten meals cooked over a campfire still have a place. Stewart campers still cookout once a week during the long terms.